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North Haven Child Development Center

A respectful, safe and secure environment where children’s self-concept, overall development and social skills are enhanced as they begin to understand, explore and investigate their world.

Our Mission
North Haven Child Development Center’s mission is to provide children and families with the same quality of care that they have at home and to enhance those experiences by capitalizing on the child’s extraordinary receptiveness to new learning.  We want our space to not only have a classroom feel, but also a feeling of home.   In doing so, each child’s unique strengths are taken into consideration as they are nurtured, loved and intentionally stimulated to reach full potential during each developmental milestone.

​​​​​​​Our commitment to ensure that each child has numerous successful experiences every day will foster a positive self-concept, high self-esteem and will enrich their overall development.  Our staff is constantly attentive to each child’s safety and educational needs to help them feel safe enough to learn about their world around them.