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3 Infant/Toddler Rooms
3 Children to 1 Teacher
Maximum Group Size of 8
6 Weeks to 3 Years

Our program is very passionate and dedicated to providing infants and toddlers high quality care in a warm, loving and nurturing environment. All interactions are gentle and supportive to the child’s individual needs and staff is highly trained to follow the cues of the child and allow the child to lead.

Age appropriate materials are provided for children that foster and encourage exploration and play. Teachers introduce new experiences to children when they are developmentally ready and scaffold constant continued learning.

Our infant and toddler teachers are there to provide your child with reassurance and love as they begin to learn about the world around them and figure out how they fit in as an individual. The classroom space is designed according to an infant and toddler rating scale (ITERS) with a naturalistic approach in mind. Children are drawn to natural materials they see and explore on an everyday basis.