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2 Full Day/Full Year Classrooms
7 Children to 1 Teacher
Maximum Group Size of 20
3 Years to 5 Years

Our Center provides a full day, full year preschool experience for children ages three to five. Children are taught in large and small group settings as well as individualized learning throughout their time at our center.

Our teachers focus on the individual learning need of the child as well as learn what the child understands. This understanding helps the teacher to scaffold your child’s learning. North Haven Child Development Center works together with our parents to discuss goals to ensure school readiness and a lifelong love of learning.

Our preschool classroom is fully equipped with challenging, age appropriate materials that align with our curriculum and the space is designed according to a preschool rating scale for children ages 3-5 years old (ECERS). Materials and spaces within our Preschool classrooms are chosen with a naturalistic approach in mind. We want to fill our centers with everyday items children see in their community and homes.

Children will have multiple opportunities throughout the day for structured and unstructured learning. The various components of language, culture, life experiences, family and community are an active part of the child’s growth. Learning experiences are designed to develop children’s sense of positive feelings toward learning.